Choosing the Right Mattress for Different Sleeping Positions

While people may spend a lot of time deciding what car to buy, they may spend far less time deciding on what mattress they end up purchasing. What’s interesting is that a person is likely to spend more time throughout their lives on a mattress than they do in a car, so it stands to reason that this sort of purchase should be carefully considered. However, there are various types of mattresses and materials, not to mention the fact that not everyone sleeps in the same position.

Back Sleepers

For a person sleeping on their back, generally considered the healthiest sleeping position as it relates to a person’s spine, the needs for a mattress are going to be far different than for those who sleep on their stomach. Back sleepers will find that a medium-firm mattress will provide them the best night sleep for this position.

The Right Mattress for Side Sleepers

There are many people that sleep on their sides; in these cases, a softer mattress is helpful, as it helps cushion the body. A firm mattress won’t offer the type of cushion needed and many people who are side sleepers wake up in a lot of pain when they choose a firm mattress.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers find that memory foam mattresses are very comfortable for a good night’s sleep. Just keep in mind that this position is considered to be the worst kind for a solid night sleep and for providing oxygen the body.

The Perils of a Worn Out Mattress

An old mattress will usually have a number of lumps and dips. Spring mattresses may also have a popped spring, which can poke the sleeper while they are sleeping. This leads to a poor night’s sleep, which can lead to poor work performance, difficult time retaining information due to sleep deprivation and more.

The possibilities for different types of mattresses are virtually endless and much of it depends on how a person sleeps. If you’re looking to purchase a new mattress, you may want to visit this site to learn all the types of mattresses that are conducive to the way in which a person sleeps. This will help you choose the right mattress and give you a good night of sleep for many years to come.